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Bark Boutique Dog Grooming Terms of Service


Temperament: You (the owner) agree to inform us prior to the commencement of any grooming service if your dog has previously displayed any aggressive behaviour including any particular triggers which cause your dog to act aggressively. If required we may attempt to groom your dog using a soft muzzle or by skipping stressful procedures such as nail trimming or blow drying. We reserve the right to discontinue a service or refuse to groom any dog where the safety of the groomer or your pet may be at risk. You will be liable for any damage or harm that result in your pet biting or injuring a groomer.

Health: You agree to make us aware of any medical conditions prior to the commencement of grooming. This is so we as groomers can try our best to accomodate your dog and ensure they are as comfortable as possible during the grooming process.

Stress: We aim to make the grooming process as low stress as possible but it would help if we were made aware of any possible separation anxiety issues, barking or other stress related problems your dog may have so that we may try to accomodate.

Vaccinations: Must be up to date or service may be refused.

Fleas: If we find fleas on your pet our policy is to automatically give a flea bath. There is an additional cost of $10.00 as we have to use a special flea treatment shampoo as well as spend extra time cleaning equipment and the salon of eggs.

Accidents: Accidents are rare but do happen as dogs move about during grooming. Any incident will be immediately reported to you the owner. If needed the dog will be transported to the vet. Any vet bills incurred as a result of the dog being matted, elderly or from a pre existing unforeseeable condition will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

Matted Coats: In the event you bring your pet to be groomed and they have a matted coat, they may need shaving or additional clipping. Matted animals may take additional time to groom therefore attracting an additional fee onto the regular grooming price.

Cancellations, missed appointments, late arrivals and rescheduling at short notice: Please provide at least 7 days' notice if you would like to reschedule or cancel. Late or missed appointments may incur a fee.

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